how to get great thrift deals

Many have told me that they would not be able to get deals like I get.
Or they don't feel that they can thrift shop and find the deals I find.

Well let's put those myths to rest, shall we!?!

Here are my top
3 Tips
How to Get Great Thrift Shopping Deals

Tip #1
Be aware of current trends and brands
Keep your ear to the ground and
your face in fashion blogs or magazines.

When was the last time you stopped and realized what your style is?  Take that question and work with me here.  Where do you get your style ideas?  Where do you like to go or be to discover your style?   I knew my style when I was very young, because my Mom was my fashion guru.  She paid a ton of attention to Jacqueline Kennedy while as the 1st Lady.  I never forgot how my Mom would point out the things that looked great on our nation's iconic 'Jackie'.

 Jacqueline Kennedy

All of those clues/ideas/feelings help you when you thrift shop, too.  If you are a fashionista or not, paying attention to cool designers, brands and styles really does help you when you are taking the plunge in to the 2nd-Hand World of clothing and wardrobe creation. 

Window shopping can teach you the latest trends, too.  I have window shopped a ton in my life, just to know what is on trend and what is becoming the latest find.  My favorite sparkle jeans {seen above} came about from an idea of seeing them on a mannequin at Macy's in the new City Creek Center in Salt Lake City in the summer of 2012.  What happened?  The following year, in the spring of 2013, I landed those $1 sparkle jeans because I knew what to be looking for at the time.  And ...I even did one better; they were from WHITE HOUSE | BLACK MARKET.  Now mind you, I have never stepped into a WH|BM store {just walking into the store would make me hyperventilate} but I did get their catalog in the mail a few times, and I knew of their value, styles, quality and pricing.  When they appeared in front of me for only $1, I snagged those puppies right off the rack so fast it would make your head spin!  I honestly feel the reason they were still at the store was because others skipped by them because they didn't KNOW what WH|BM was!

Tip #2
Pride Yourself in Being a Great Thrift Shopper
Or in other words, fake it 'til you make it!

Tell others that you got some great deals at the local thrift shop.  Brag about your finds!  Heck, isn't that what I am doing each time I post my THRIFT OUTFIT DETAILS  on my blog?  I haven't always loved to thrift.  I have spent $150 dollars for a pair of shoes before.  I have!  I have spent way too much money on clothing over the years.  But when I decided to be more creative and more careful with my husbands retirement money, I found that the more I talked about what I was doing, the better I got at it.  

Now I guess there is a level of being obnoxious, so don't go that far but just mention your finds or your treasure and see what it does for your confidence in trying to do it again ...and again ...and again!

The first time I ventured into a Savers was about 15 years ago.  I was with my then teenage daughter, because she wanted to buy a cheap Halloween costume.  I thought that would be pretty awesome to just spend a few dollars for her costume.  I don't remember her costume at all, but I do remember buying a cute, red, cotton, plaid shirt for me, with an Old Navy tag in the back for only $4.  I thought I had struck gold.  I loved that little shirt and I wore it til ...it wore out!

In this ensemble above {originally posted HERE} is comprised of the major items coming from Savers; the top, pants, heels and purse.   So you see, I have advanced up from buying one single red, plaid shirt to my entire ensemble coming from a thrift shop.  I worked up to it slowly.  I had to have an open mind and leave my ego at the door and simply go for it. 

Tip #3
Two simple words:  Visualize It
I cannot tell you how many times I have set out to
find a specific item and it darn-near leaps off the rack at me.

When I sought out to get these 'fire los angeles' floral jeans, I nearly dreamed about them first.  I had noticed that floral jeans were everywhere (tip #1) and I was well intended in going to a thrift shop or consignment store for a deal (tip #2)  so I was determined to find what I had been thinking about.  

I decided to check out the selection at Plato's Closet first, and there they were.  They are so comfortable and worth the $10 bucks I paid for them.  

I don't give up on my wants either.  I have wanted nude platform heels for about 2 years now and I never forgot that 'want'.  I had tried on retail store nude heels but didn't like the price or the quality, so I just kept holding out.  When they were in Savers during February, I was wide open to accepting them and now, ...they are mine! 

Never give up on what you are hunting for when you thrift.  But like I said in "Top 5 Tips for Thrift Shopping",  thrift shopping requires patients and creativity!  If you don't find the exact thing you have been wanting, try the next week or the next and before you know it, you will have the things you really want.

caution:  but don't buy the things you really don't want just because they are only a few dollars.  Buying something you will not actually ever wear is a problem, too.

Do I always find what I want to find?
Do I give up?  No!  Never!  

Do I always get great deals?
Do I give up?  No! Never!

Do I have fun trying?  

Have fun with it.

Oh, and please don't envy my deals.  

If you want the deals then ...go for it!  
I really never, ever want to make anyone envious or jealous. 

Jealousy is negative.  

I aim to 
Inspiration is great, positive and motivational.

hi Everyone ~ 
Thrift shopping is such a kick for me.  Perhaps marginally addictive but none the less ...a kick!  I don't shop at every sale.  I don't shop every week or even every other week.  Sometimes I don't shop for months but when I do shop, I know I will get a  great deal!  I also just pop in occasionally, too.  I do admit I have it down to a science, ...I  do!  But I have been doing it consistently since April of 2011.  I also have done it off and on my whole life {due to my Mom's fashion sense and frugal influences}.  And I love it and I love to show off my "finds".  I love to show off my finds because I know if I can do it --- --- Y'ALL can do it!