"magical" t and boyfriend jeans

Magical Black and Blue
hi Everyone~
Yesterday was a much better day.   I sure appreciate all of your encouraging and kind words of 'relax' - 'take it easy' - 'you deserve a break' - 'kick your feet up' - 'rest' - 'get well' etc..  Yesterday, all I did was place a fun pic of my grandson on Instagram {seen HERE} and chatted to just a few of ya here and there.  I'm keeping myself on a level effort of energy to get all better!  I had very little pain and ...I didn't need one nap.  Yay!  I am making progress.  This 'inspiration board'?  Well, its just something I dreamed up to share with y'all and yes, have dreamed of this entire ensemble for moi!

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L I K E    E V E R Y    O N C E    I N    A    W H I L E     O R    S O ,    L I K E    A S    I   A M   R E C U P E R A T I N G ?
B E C A U S E    I T   W A S    F U N    T O    C R E A T E ,   I T   W A S !