Pink Gingham With White Sneakers

Pink Gingham Styled Down


 hi Everyone!  Same dress that was styled a couple of weeks ago but this time is a whole separate way.  Refresh your memory HERE  or you can just recall that I love this dress! It is going to be mine. I swear!  LOL   Pairing the good ol' standby denim vest with the comfy white Vans, the wrapped bracelet along with the neutral tote, lets the innocence of the gingham shine through or 'holds it's own'.  I love the necklace I paired with this dress.  Be sure and click on it's details.  In fact, y'all should click on all the details because you will discover that every one of these items are below $45.  The Vans are the most expensive at $45 and then the other items are less than that.  The next expensive items are bracelets and the earrings each being priced at $17 and the polish is $13.

Would you be interested in seeing another styling of this same dress?

Can you believe that not one of these items is priced over $50?